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We Change. We Change as we grow, as we think, we change every day, more than once a day. So why don’t our clothes change with us? What we wear is now an even stronger way of expression, the meeting point between who we are and who we want to be. But it has not yet adjusted to our everyday fast pace. 180DEGREES come to change this, with transformable clothing! Transformable clothes come to answer to our needs and changes, make everyday life easier and convenient, adaptable, customized, but also affordable! A transformable garment is bought at the price of one, but can change into two or three pieces, offering alternative choices, again and again, depending on your needs. Clothes are not strictly one thing: 180DEGREES re-invents the way people view what they wear, a shirt is never just a shirt, and a bag is not just a bag. Come with us in this amazing journey towards change and transformation, and

Make Creativity your Way of Life with 180DEGREES…

Designer Bio

Maria Prastakou, now a graduate of London College of Fashion, took her first steps in the fashion world by making her own dresses for her dolls as a child and transforming her jeans into skirts as a teenager. Following her love for colors and design, Maria started photography lessons and short courses on drawing and fashion during summertime in London, worked for Vogue magazine and the Athens Fashion Week while still in school, and completed her studies in London, where she got her degree on Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear. She worked for the company Tsantilis and did her internship with Mary Katrantzou in the United Kingdom. In 2012, after completing her Bachelor’s degree, she returned to Greece where she got her Masters in Marketing at ALBA Graduate Business School, while at the same time presented her first collection of modular fashion. She was one of the winners of the Egg – Enter Grow Go entrepreneurship competition by Eurobank and Corallia, and in June of 2013 she created her own company named 180DEGREES, designing clothes that have the added value of transforming into two or even three different designs. 180DEGREES has a store in Glyfada, Athens, an e-shop, has won two times in a row the Best Trendsetter Award by the Athens Xclusive Designers Week and is now starting to expand abroad.